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Michael Sohor & Co is now known as Tamen Accountants. This is a name change only - we are the same dedicated team, and look forward to serving our valued clients for many years to come.

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The UK tax system is extremely complex, meaning you could be overpaying tax without even realising. With our expert advice, we aim to significantly reduce your tax liabilities whilst providing you with a clear understanding of how to plan in the future. Our experts will assess how you can best utilise available allowances and advise on how your financial affairs could be structured to increase tax efficiency.

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You might be able to claim capital allowances on what is known as the “integral features” of the property. Generally, these are the hot and cold water systems and main wiring within the property. Other items are rarely seen in practice. This is a complex area and advice must be tailored to your situation.

You can get a mortgage as a self-employed person, but you will need to provide extra information to the lender compared to a salaried employee. Please note that director shareholders with a 20% or more shareholding are generally treated as “self employed” for mortgage purposes, even if they operate through a limited company as an employee. read more

Not directly. However, you could create a trust which would receive dividends. The dividend income would then be used to pay school fees. This type of planning is quite complicated and relies on you giving away some of your trading company to the trust. If you have grandchildren which you’d like to support in this way it m...read more

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